A rip-able story pad documenting the relationship of two neighbors.
Perceptibly, yet anonymously, watching the other through two single panes of glass.
Two inner worlds, visible, yet separated, by one narrow street.
Both neighbors attempting to understand their desire to watch and be watched.

THE BIGGER PICTURE, Gallerie Marzee, Nijmegen, Netherlands


I have seen her in the street.
I was surprised to find she is unattractive to me.
It was terrible seeing her clad for the outside world, ready for existence in the outside air, prepared for encounters with the outside people. It was so disappointing after watching her exist like a lioness prowling around her cage.

… Cage …

How sad that the only physical encounter I am ever likely to have with an actual lioness is with one that is caged.
Perhaps this wasn’t such a sad thought before we could watch other lionesses exist in their natural habitat on our TV screens, before we could see her true instinctual behavior in HD TV…
Tragic by comparison.
Like the girl.
The lion-girl of the room-cage and the girl-girl of the street-savannah.

That’s not.


It’s not a cage that I watch her prowl around, despite it possessing similar physical attributes.
Through our windows.
By virtue of our two single panes of glass, I observe the lion-girl in her habitat, in her savannah.
It is the streets.
The outside that is her cage, where her true instinctual behavior is
Her window is my HD TV and the outside is merely a zoo.

I’m not obsessed.
It’s simply that.
How can one not be allured by observing this candid existence?