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  • This castle is not a castle.
  • This victorian brick house is clad in stone and elaborate plaster work to give the illusion of a castle.
  • This non-castle-castle is described as a fantasy Neo-Norman castle.
  • It is a fantasy.
  • It is a fiction.
  • It is a theme park.
  • It is a casino.
  • It is a casino.

    1 minute excerpt from Stone Cold Casanova, full film 15 minutes

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  • There is a particular narrative a visitor gets from walking round the site, and that narrative is, in it’s selectiveness, a fiction.
  • This is the same in all casinos and theme parks. What you see isn’t always wholly what you get.
  • I was interested in challenging this engagement with the site by introducing alternative narratives into its architecture.
  • The google narrative. The wiki narrative. The book narrative. The gossip narrative. The hearsay narrative. The generationally passed-down narrative.
  • All are valid in this multi-fictional site.
  • Over the winter and spring period I spoke with people who live or work in the shadow of Penrhyn Castle, collecting alternative narratives about the site.
  • I made a Penrhyn Castle/Casino game.
  • People could buy beanbags with stories, play the game, and win back new stories or sometimes money.
  • It is a casino after all.

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  • To embed these narratives in the castle I turned them into illustrations on a casino-inspired carpet runner.
  • The carpet is designed in the spirit of casinos, to disorient the viewer in a sea of garishly colourful imagery.

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  • The carpet will be installed into the Grand Hall in July in order to be treated as part of the castle’s existing architecture.
  • It will be accompanied by a 15 minute film. [extract at top of page]

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  • Here is a blog written over the course of the year-long residency:

    Film and Installation
    Produced whilst ARTIST IN RESIDENCE at Penrhyn Castle, Bangor May 2015 - April 2016
    Supported by the National Trust, the Arts Council Wales, and the Welsh Government

    STONE COLD CASANOVA, Exhibited at Penrhyn Castle, Bangor
    APRIL - OCTOBER 2016
    Carpet Installation
    JULY - OCTOBER 2016