Scopophilia explores the desires and longings that lie beneath the surface of the space we inhabit. In the gallery space of the Pump House, which by the fulfillment of its function, is required to be a plain walled, adaptable space, Joanne uses the lenses and mirrors of two operational periscopes to peak through a crack to this other reality.

Through one periscope the room above is transformed into a dimly, red-lit, mirrored hotel room, with barely visible sexual activities seemingly taking place through an open door. When you enter upstairs the proportions and layout are identical to the space depicted in the periscope, yet devoid of its previous 'otherness'. The door, which was wide open through the periscope, is locked.

The next periscope stretches outside, through which you can see the Victorian sub-tropical gardens of Battersea Park transformed into an uncanny Californian/Mediterranean landscape – Battersea power station and it’s surrounding palm trees permanently bathed in the pink haze of an LA sunset.

DEPARTURE LOUNGE, Battersea Pump House, London
JUNE 2012

View of Periscope One through the goggles

Model Two and lens before installed in the periscope

A schematic… of sorts