Collaboration between Joanne Wardrop and Steven Ounanian


“Congratulations Marseille! You are 2013’s chosen Capital of Culture. Culture is coming to transform you and your city…”

It’s the Capital of Culture and the city is bursting with art, architecture and ideas to make the city better… Accompanying this influx of Culture, it appears that the Euromediterranee is trying to make Marseilles in to a proper-modern city, a “dynamic hub of global investment”. Like New York, or Paris, with lengthy concrete boulevards, shiny art galleries and a new skyline to match.

But for those of you struggling with your Modern-Life in your Modern-City, we empathize and ask you not to loose hope.

If Culture has created for you a Modern-City, and you still feel uneasy, náyer pas peur – do not fear; we are on our way to cure the anxiety and ailments of the Modern-City.

From 27 April – 3 May, two time-traveling Hadidists* from the year 2082 will be roaming the streets of Marseilles with their highly advanced medicinal technologies, in order to ease humanities transition into it's new proper-modern-city. Bring along your physical and metaphysical concerns, your illness or pain, anxiety or random misfortune, and we will provide for you a free consultation on how best to implement and activate your specific cure.

* Followers of the architectural Hadidist Order (devotees to the memory of Zaha Hadid)

DE-CENTRE-DER-SPACE residency program, Marseille Capital of Culture, France – publication launched at CGP (Café Gallery Project), London
APRIL 2013

Steven and Joanne don’t dislike culture, they are just suspicious people*. Faced with people being thrown out their homes to pave way for a new shiny seafront façade seems wrong to them. Especially when that façade has been designed for being viewed from the sea, from the big cruise ships coming in for an (hopefully expensive) afternoon. This project was conceived in order to investigate, through Marseilles citizens, this side of culture.

The other side of culture was also noted - Steven and Joanne did fall in love with Marseille and see a rather spectacular fire show because of it… For this thank you 2013 Capital of Culture.

* Culture may have broken their hearts once or twice.