'Joanne is not afraid of anything.'


Perhaps a comment on the multiplicity of self, an exploration into the confusion of being a/this woman, the affects of the media, or just a far too public attempt to work out who she is.

In On The Face Of It (Part One) Joanne attempts to deal with the public and private self by collecting written records of her character, including reports, references and assessments.

Then, using decoupage, Joanne builds a mandala for each Joanne. Each mandala is depicted by how Joanne deflects each referee’s reflection of her, onto the women in Joanne’s life-long cultural spectrum.

SHOW 13, Royal College of Art, London
21ST CENTURY ART AND DESIGN – RCA 2013 SELECTION, Christe’s, King Street, London
JUNE 2013

'Upon meeting Miss Wardrop, I was impressed by her wholesomeness, innocence, intelligence and guilelessness.'

'Joanne consistently works with great commitment and enthusiasm, demonstrating the ability to lead and motivate groups of pupils and produce work of a high standard.'

'Joanne is bright, determined, confident and cosmopolitan; a delightful and popular student with enormous potential.'